Attention All Members!

Please take note!

A message from the club committee:

  1. Could members please take their rubbish home, its cost the club.
  2. Member must purchase there own meter if he or she wishes to use electricity on boat. It must be visible similar to metermaid provide by the club and meeting IP44 electricity standard. Any sub standard cables or meters which are not visible on the bank will be disconnected. This is to ensure that fuse board does not trip and to provide electricity to other members boats. The membership of the club are not going to pay a member electricity.
  3. A.J. Cahill is going to upgrade the WIFI in the club.
  4. John Lillis is organising the refit of the club kitchen.
  5. Rowing and official club noticeboard has moved to the club kitchen. Al Ryan is printing new Official noticeboard sign and rowing noticeboard signs.
  6. Could club members please respect club property. The new trolley wheels have been damaged and its an added club cost to repair.
  7. The caretaker is organising the upgrade of bathroom floors, hand driers, removal of old gas heater from toilets in club house bathrooms and replacement of frosted window in club hall.
  8. Club has purchased new second hand tractor.
  9. If members have boats along the quay wall and are not using boats. Can they please remove from water to allow other members to use the club facilities. Several members have been written to in relation to this issue by the committee. Said member have promised to remove boats.
  10. Club cruiser shed and finishing shed lighting has been upgraded by John Lillis. Plan to upgrade flood lighting in club to reduce running cost for the club.
  11. If any member or non-member are interested in starting rowing please contact the club secretary at Planning rowing camp if we get the numbers.
  12. Could members please label their property in the club to avoid confusion and remember to store correctly and safely. Other members should be able to access lockers with ease.
  13. Members must sign in guests to comply with club rules and insurance requirements.
  14. If members who are no longer members, can they please remove property from the club and storage fee will be applied plus fobs cancelled.