Club Rules and Regulation to be enforced due to insurance implications

The club recently changed insurance broker as a result of this, the insurance company has pointed out unacceptable practices in the club.

1. Spouse and family members availing of club facilities during the absence of registered member of the club.

2. However, over the years, practices which conflict with club rules have become established.  The club now needs to address this situation and enforce club rules.

3. If a club member does not comply with these requirements, the club member will face disciplinary action from the club’s committee.

4. Only paid up members of the club and official paid up training camp participants can use club rowing equipment. Passed by committee on Tuesday the 14th of June 2019.

5. Please read the following conditions from our insurer.

As with most Club type situations the policy is geared towards the activities of Club Members only –

A member under the terms of the Insurance Policy means” an official member of the club and recorded as such in the Club’s membership records.
Please note the following

·  Non-members would not be covered under the policy for any rowing/yachting based activities (including the lifting of rowing boats in and out of the water).

·  It’s reasonable to expect that non-members may be in attendance for the functions noted on the policy i.e. spouse/partner/children of a listed member.

·  If they are hosting any races/regattas etc. it is reasonable to expect members of other clubs to be on the grounds.

·  Your insurers are of the understanding than all visitors will be accompanied by a member.

·  It would be assumed that a spouse/ partner/ child of a member would enter the grounds accompanied by the aforementioned registered member and not on their own.