Recreational Rowing

You can now enjoy recreational rowing at C.R. & Y.C.  We are delighted to offer adults the opportunity to experience rowing on the River Corrib in suitably designed rowing boats.


No rowing experience is necessary as we have a program in place to mentor members to help them learn how to row.  This is recreational rowing only and the purpose is to enjoy the experience and participate in a healthy exercise.  If you work up a sweat, changing rooms and showers are available on site and a welcome cup of tea available in the clubhouse.

These boats will be for two or four people rowing and any combination of age and gender will work.  This activity is suitable for any age group and there is no such thing as ‘too old to try’.  It’s about enjoyable exercise, in a beautiful setting.


We look forward to introducing members to this new rowing experience and if you are interested please contact us at: Email: | Tel: (091) 564560